Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"What makes a new NGO succeed?"

Alanna Shaikh discusses "What makes a new NGO succeed?" on Blood and Milk.

Well, it looks like our group has a few of these things right:
  1. We are, indeed, highly targeted - anesthesia education is pretty niche. Although we're happy to teach non-anesthesia providers (last year in Kintampo, Ghana we taught trauma management and chronic pain management to PA-equivalents), we do focus on those subject areas in which we are experts.
  2. Our name (International Anesthesia Education Forum) could be sexier, but the only alternatives we could come up with were acronyms that spelled rude words.
  3. Funding, thus far, consists of our wallets. We will eventually be looking for donors, but our intent is to stay away from the really big boys - mostly for the reasons Ms. Shaikh notes in her article, but also because we do not need much, and the big boys balk at relatively small amounts. However, Mr. Gates' recent experience may change that paradigm.