Saturday, December 25, 2010

New idea

Given the fast approaching New Year, thought I'd fire up an idea I've been toying with - blogging. I find writing things down to be a worthwhile way to solidify ideas. Twitter is too brief, LinkedIn too formal, FaceBook too..... social. Blogging may be juuuust right.
I hope to start / enter into conversations regarding global health, humanitarian aid, medical education etc etc.

Dusk on Cape Coast beach.

It's also a way to get some of my projects from the 'real' world into the 'virtual' world.
As part of my international anesthesia education work, I have cause to spend time in many developing countries. Consequently I have picked up some hints and tricks, from experience and from other people. Thought this would be a good place to share.

By no means am I intending this blog to be read by the hard-core aid workers whose work and blogs I admire so much. Rather, I hope to help those like me who are trying to juggle a career and a family, and still help some colleagues in medically-underserved regions of the world.

We'll see.