Saturday, April 9, 2016

Consortium of Universities for Global Health

Having been active in global health for over a decade I have witnessed and experienced many alterations of plans, and many episodes of project failure. Most have been easily attributable to single causes e.g. an individual’s incompetence, a lapsed grant, or a political coup. However, a recent collaborative failure in which I was involved was less easily explained. There could have been many reasons for the abandonment of what had been a very productive and successful partnership. This uncertainty drove me to academically investigate the theoretical basis of successful and failed collaborations.
I am presenting this review, entitled "An Exploration of Collaborative Failure", as a poster at the 7th Annual CUGH conference. It's a fairly large, intricate topic, and a poster truly doesn't do the subject justice. Therefore, I thought I would upload the essay from which my poster is derived. There will be a QR code linked from the poster itself.

Feel free to download the essay at your leisure.